A grab bag of facts you should know about fitness
There are all kinds of fitness fads and fitness practices available today. Many people form their knowledge of fitness based on the teachings of an individual expert or guru. This can be very useful in the formation of a core philosophy of fitness; however, there are many truths surrounding fitness, and a handful of general knowledge never hurt anybody. In this post, we will discuss some random fitness facts that are both fun and useful to know time. Read on to extend their knowledge of fitness. 

Playing in the yard with your children or grandchildren the children is fun, but many people put off playing time, because they feel it is too lenient. After all, we should be working hard to do practical things, right? Well, the fact is vigorous outdoor play burns calories and keeps you fit just as well as being able to walk. Other than that, has the advantage of strengthening ties with friends and loved ones and put a smile on your face. All-in-all, the game time is fun, productive and vital to your fitness and health. 

No pain, no gain, right? Wrong! This is an old theory of exercise that left a lot of people injured in 1980 and 90 in fact fitness activities should be fun and challenging, but should not hurt. When you are involved in active at the right level for your exercise, you should be able to talk, laugh and feel good. If any of these qualities missing from your exercise routine, you're doing it wrong. For maximum results, dial back a bit to a point where it is challenged comfortably. 

Many people think that doing some exercise is a waste of time. The usually accepted model is that you have to do vigorous exercise for at least half an hour every other day to get any benefits at all. You will be happy to know that this is nonsense. Anything you add to your level of activity on a regular basis will make a difference in your level of health and overall fitness. For example, while choosing to take the stairs instead of the elevator every day will not give you 6-pack abs, might well reduce your blood pressure significantly and improve cardiovascular health. 

It is never too late to start exercising, and every hour you spend exercising can pay in two hours of life! Even if you are middle aged or old, exercising at a suitable level will help keep your energy levels, preserve and improve flexibility and mobility, and improve muscle tone and overall health. Gentle exercise such as, running, walking and even slow dancing will improve your health and quality of life. 

Weight lifting (even small) is a great way to keep your body young. After the age of thirty, we begin to lose lean muscle mass and bone density. Weight-bearing exercise helps to combat the loss of muscle mass and bone mass. Exercising with light hand weights while watching TV and / or go for a walk can help keep your youthful figure and maintain strong bones.

Many people are afraid to start exercising because they think it will just be too difficult or will not really help. Clearly, any level of exercise initiated at any time in your life, increase your level of fitness and to enjoy your life more and stay happy. Combine a confident, can do attitude and a handful of these facts fitness to enhance your current fitness level.
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