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The last update Photoshop CC - 14.2, after the 14.1 update this added Adobe Generator - brings three major innovations: Placed linked objects, direct 3D printing, and very useful Perspective chain function. 

Previously email when an object was placed in Photoshop from an external source,: as Illustrator, Photoshop would then store a local copy of the artwork. It might be changed in Illustrator by double-clicking on it, but it would not change the internal version. Now when laying illustration using the File> Import command, you have the option to embed or link the object. Choose the latter, and double-clicking will use Illustrator to edit the original work on the disc. This means that the file is permanently attached to the original, so any change will be consistent across applications - and it should not be necessary to replace work manually edited externally. 

Photoshop-made ​​breakthroughs in 3D modeling for many versions, but this is the 1st to offer 3D printing from within the application. They are imported into Photoshop, or built within the program, it is now possible to implement an automated process that makes the object 'tight' - patch holes and repair the mesh to make it can be print. He can also click off scaffolding "needed to support an object during printing. 

If you own one of the four printers currently supported, you can now print your item directly from Photoshop. If you have another printer, you can edit an XML file to include the settings for your printer, or export an STL file - which you then take to another application to settle in a Gcode printable file. 

This is a major step forward, but it still does not go far enough: lack of user control means there are no topics to September print speed or temperature, the height of the layer, the filling density or number of skin, which severely limits the flexibility of the process. 

But long Most Photoshop users host more chain perspective, allowing you to change the angle of apparent vision who have been photographed objects. You start by drawing a perspective plane on one side of your chosen object so that one side or the corner of the object. it's a kind of adjusting the handles so that the view of the aircraft follows the view from this side of the object. 

Then draw the second, third and even plans to complete the installation. When you drag the new plans, the nearest edge of the first turns blue when the two are close: release the mouse button and the edges fit together. 

Once the plans are adjusted so that the views fit again, you can switch to channel mode via a button on the options bar. In this mode, you can shift-click on an edge to force vertically, then drag the handles around to change the angle of view. 

The process works best with square such as buildings, buses and banks that were filmed from an angle corner objects, to allow major changes to be made easily; but the technique, which is as reliable Free Transform to adjust two planes simultaneously can also be applied (with limited success) to other forms too. 

While the new features would not be the basis for a major upgrade in themselves, they are all useful improvements and Chain Perspective especially quickly if to prove his worth. The good news is we have to wait more than 18 months between releases: new features are released as they are ready, which is great bonus for subscribers of the CC. Although few people suspected to be the case, Adobe has validated IST Already subscription model via the release of two interesting updates strong.
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